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Desperate OL mamonos are top tier.

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Exactly, now be obedient and sign this contract.

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Complicated set of rules and conditions or just one sentence contract?

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Just posting this because I'd like to think that some of the anime date romance and marriage confessions here are monstergirl approved or are something Monstergirls would do when proposing or asking out human men:


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Ok I need to ask because sometimes KC's explanations confuse me. Do monstergirls marry the first man they can get/the first one they decide they like, or do they go through a process of elimination? Because outside of cases where the process is actually explained, like lizardmen and salamanders where they won't even consider doing anything with someone who can't beat them, Red Sonja style, and once they are beaten they go for that one even if he rejects them, a lot of others confuse me.

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Is that a bit of pussy juice I see?

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Heart pupils.

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