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>Don't research mysterious medications? Yeah, sure.
Asking a trained specialist IS research. The anon said his doctor was being careless and my advice was to get a second and third opinion from a pharmacist. They'd be happy to do that for you.

>Too bad once you stop taking your magical happy pills you'll go back to being your old self.

Then I don't stop, I continue taking it. I'd rather be happy than an emotional wreck. The problem with some people complaining about getting worse is that they took it and then stopped. Every psychiatrist ever who got his credentials from a legit source will tell you that that's not what should be done.

The reason I'm pushing this is that I want OP to try all his options before calling it quits. I'm not doctor or pharmacist who wants your money but a former sufferer who's just sharing the knowledge.

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Stupid sexy pharmacist.

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