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>Any who partake in it are wanton sluts who are abhorrent in the eyes of God.

God is dead.

And the humans who claim to worship him are fucking his maggot-ridden corpse.

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Weed made me more depressed.

Just kidding.

I've always dealt with crushing depression, unrestrainable anger, and self-loathing[which shows very obviously in my Grim'n'dark outlook on almost everything, my ideas, thoughts, and so on], and bud helped to amplify it.

The funny thing is that weed also helps me to chill the fuck out, or at least detach me from the real world long enough so that I can deal with things. It also increases my appreciation for good things.

tldr: I can't take it easy, but I try. ;_;

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I'm still not going to have poorly posed roleplay sex with you, Anonymous, so you can stop being suggestive.

Wait until Alice gets here.

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Oh, really?

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It is because of this that I find my suspension of belief broken whenever some fanfiction writer talks of Cirno being warm to the touch, or touching her without any ill effects.
Cirno's body temperature is far below zero.

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A Mosin-Nagant, huh.

How fitting. Yes, how truly ironic.

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BDSM 101? Very well.

Observe the position the girl is seated in. She has been forced to assume the classic Japanese Seiza, a position that keeps one's legs tightly folded under the thighs, with bodyweight resting mostly upon the heels, and knees.
The pressure of one's bodyweight can lead to a lack of circulation, causing burning sensations and a pins-and-needles feeling in the extremities.
Her situation is worsened further by the weight of the turtles upon her thighs, compressing her legs even more and adding to her discomfort.
Finally, the turtle shell below her is rather hard and covered in tiny, dull spikes. Needless to say, that is not the most comfortable surface for one's bare shins.
Whoever came up with this was particularly sadistic, in their own little way. It is unsurprising that she has begun to cry.

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Indeed, fleshing out a character and making them three-dimensional should be supremely important.

If your readers don't connect with your characters or they don't care about them, they close the window and that is that.


I still have qualms about reinforcing bad habits in my writing. I already have quite a few that I'm struggling to eliminate.
I don't want to further this by growing used to fanfiction and developing an inability to create original, inventive characters.

On the other hand, I could be using this as an excuse for not wanting to write, period.

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But you are disagreeing with Athens right now.

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Skateboarding is not a crime, maaaaaaan.

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