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Club members are at the space jungle.

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Nakatani, GITR, Ranko and Touhou. The best.

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>There was a shrine to Ame-no-Torifune built inside the satellite TORIFUNE.

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If the short stories that accompany ZUN's music CDs count, those are definitely my favourite. There are hints to ZUN building a larger narrative even while writing what appear to be self-contained stories. He has done the same with the games since Mountain of Faith, and I'm eager to see what his plans are.
If I had to pick a specific one, it would be Trojan Green Asteroid.

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When is ZUN going to continue their story? It's been years since the last music CD. I want to see Maribel gap herself to Gensokyo and Renko doing a Yumemi to bring her back. Also what's your favorite CD track, /jp/? Mines Greenwich in the Sky and that long named one about Zenkou Temple.

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