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Thanks! :) That makes it acceptable then. I felt bad taking her as my waifu but not any more.

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I said it was a side effect, and not my intention.

I only make a few posts per day. I think you should take it easy.

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Ok, so I have these pool balls.. you know, billiard balls.

Anyways, I am wondering what board would be best to discuss anal balls? I enjoy anal play, and I do use these balls, and today when I was using the normal 3, I noticed some blood. It isn't gushing, but it's noticeable.

What board would know what to do, suggestions for new methods of anal play with common household items (going to sex stores scares me, and do not have cash to buy online).

You can also add me on MSN, email, or Steam if you want to reply private. My MSN/email is [email protected], and Steam community is http://steamcommunity.com/id/harryhy

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Chen always related.

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I can almost conceptualize bkub-style Chen porn, but I really don't want to. I don't even like normal Chen porn.

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How do I wrap a sarashi on my own? It's hard.

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