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Sakuya, where's my goodnight kiss?

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13 Remilia

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Oh and I made it to Remilia on hard mode. Got squished like a bug.

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OP here. Last one from me. Contribute your favorites if you like. Just wanted to carry on the RemiJam spirit. Feel like I just keep takin' and it feels good to give back for once.
Nice piano and synth in this one. Also lovely version of Lullaby for a Deserted Hell
紅楼夢6 [Windbreaker] ずもももももも もみじです!

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Greetings /jp/
My hard drive died, and the only thing I forgot to copy was the album this song was on. Would anyone happen to know what it is called?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU6PwAoxsAU it is featured in this video.

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Not my favorite but I just wanna post this image.

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Had to answer the door, and then there were tons of people in the room. Kind of was doing too much talking and not paying attention. Probably looked really silly; wasn't trying to waste your time or anything. GGs anyways though. Also, I try BEing on almost everything, so yeah.

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Blushing is cute.

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Remilia. And I would enjoy the painful death.

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I don't think they're rarer per se-- at my university about 60% of the student body is female so I'm pretty sure its not an issue of gender. I think, more than anything, females are better at suppressing their power levels. Most normal intelligent females, like my younger sister, can hide her intelligence extremely well, and its probably for this reason that's she's sometimes able to get away with murder around strangers. This is not to say that she doesn't prefer being around intelligent people, just that she can hide it well enough to relate with anyone.

The reason why I'm irresponsible-- hrm, tough question. My younger sister and I share some escapist tendencies though mine are much more severe than hers and at a moment's notice she can rebound from her depressive periods whereas I dwell much deeper and longer in them. I could blame it all on my bipolar diagnosis, but I know that's pretty much bullshit so I won't.

I think what keeps me so unproductive is really the lack of a social life. Its so hard and painful doing productive things when you cannot relate to anyone you work with, and its rather disheartening to know that your best efforts in life won't be rewarded with a loli or some kind of sexual incentive.

Eh, I'm probably still not being honest. I know its not laziness since I'm one of the hardest workers at my part time job. I think, honestly, that it all boils down to expectations. My expectations have been set extraordinarily high due to my heritage and whatnot and unfortunately, my circumstances have set a limit on what I can accomplish. In trying to reconcile the two, I reach an impasse where I wonder whether I should persist in doing the "right" thing by studying, endlessly carrying my burden up a hill only to have it roll back down again like Sisyphus, or if I should just give up and spend more time fapping to my waifu. I hope that answered your question.

Pic related, yes I got trolled thank you very much.

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Why so sad?

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Remilia:I'd her bat wings.

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So what if we had a board named /kr/? (Korea)? How would you react? I think we should just rename it to /thebestgameever/ or /sc/ for short.

Touhou always related.

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Dude I fucking loev Remilia.

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How cute

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Should I feel bad or something because I don't pay for college?

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Flan is a good girl. She wouldn't know how to properly do oral without biting.

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