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I love SA because I really liked the cast and most of the spell cards felt unique and challenging.
but I also love IN because its objectively the best game.

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Live the dream, you know you cant keep losing your time being a N.E.E.T in your room, there's so much fun out there.

Move to a megalopolis in the east with the 2hus

Work at night with the machines, hopefully you can make something to live from w/o having to work 8hr/7/365.

Sleep in the day, it's the time for the regular people

Conquer the street in the night bathed in neon light

After of expending your youth alone you have no responsibility and interpersonal relationships, you leave everything and miss nothing.
I cant be the only one deluded enough to take this.

By the way, how are you living yours?
You really don't expect to stay in your room for the next 60 years or open a portal, right?

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Guys, is this it?


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