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wota go hard, and they don't stop.

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i thought people liked Miki or is that only when she is attched at the hip to aya, seems unfair
Miki has taken this thread by force

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man that felt natural, thanks anon

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i should of started with this one, but i figured come midnight when the trolls launch their attacks, maybe we can fool them

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I don't really have as much as you'd think and I wish I was smart enough when I first started getting them to make a "candid" folder or something but they are just scattered throughout each member's folders ;_;

But I'll look through my folders and if there is any amount worth wrapping into a collection I'll do it for you. Just remind me later or something.

Thanks, I assume these are pretty legit if they were published and all but they couldn't have picked a creepier subtitle "Following the Tracks of MUSUME'S History in Detail" lol.

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lol It's been about a month since I've left my house to do anything but go to classes. I'm gonna need groceries soon though...

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