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Tsk tsk That kind of statistical information isn't available because everyone knows that 4chan is primarily negative.

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SOS. *runs*

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sup /jp/

I'm planning to model our waifu, Saya, using Autodesk Maya. Well... I'm not really that good in modelling. But this little personal project is something I'm genuinely interested in, and I don't wish to screw this up like my previous works. So, I thought I'll make this thread and ask for some advice from other Maya users out there.

I'll be using the polygonal modelling method to do this. So, lets say I want to make the lower portion of her dress move along with her movements, how do I go about doing it? Do I use nCloth or is there a way to rig the polygons to behave that way?

And about her hair. I want them to be swaying along with her movements and actually deform when her hand brushes against it. Is there a way to do this using polygons?

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How the fuck am I suppose to baww if this damn girl keeps making me fap?

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. . . . . . . . . .

I agree with your views.

*BGM answer*

Saya's game and Umineko are definitely of different genres...

However.. it is as you had said. They both are good games.

Certainly, some of us may prefer one over the other because of our preference.


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I guess it's cheating when she's the ONLY heroine?

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There's no catch anonymous-kun. Would you like to make a friend?

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I'm sorry.

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