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Meiling looks a bit hurt, but respects your request. "Alright... Please, try not to get hurt, sir." She says wistfully as you retreat back inside the mansion. Damnit, anon.

[ ] Head to the library

[ ] Head to the basement

[ ] Track down Sakuya

[ ] Head to Remilia's study

[ ] Go back to the gate

[ ] Go to the guest bedrooms and nap

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Overwhelming popularity for the win?

You kneel before the gatekeeper. "I- Ah- Sir, don't do that!" Meiling insists, rather embarassed by you action. She glances over to the mansion windows, warily.

[ ] "May I please enter, Miss Meiling?"

[ ] Rise. "How are you, Miss Meiling?"

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"That's Meiling! She's really nice, she gives me candy. She sleeps alot though. She tries to tell me she's not, but she issss!" She darts forward. "HIIII MEILINNGGGG!" She yells, running closer to the surprised gateguard, who blinks.

"Eh- What- SAKUYA I WAS JUST RESTING MY EYES!" She exclaims, quickly coming to attention with a small salute. "Oh. Hi Cirno." She says, as soon as she realizes the maid is not there... but her blue eyes soon come to rest upon you, and her fists come up. "Halt, intruder! Please leave now!" She says soberly to you, raising her fists and getting into a martial fighting stance.

[ ] "Hello!" You reply cheerfully to the gatekeeper, quite sure of yourself. "I'm a friend of Cirno. I wanted to see the mansion and it's good gatekeeper. Could I come in, miss Meiling?"

[ ] Look over to Cirno nervously for her to stand up for you.

[ ] Scream, hide behind Cirno.

[ ] "Umm, Cirno, I don't think they welcome other visitors..." You explain quietly to Cirno hurriedly. "... Maybe you could take me somewhere else.

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