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She'll toss you in the river for that.

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They're pretty, yeah. Sorry, I thought you were being sarcastic or something

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I have quite the doujinshi collection.
Before I die, I shall rip and scan every single one of them into one archive, which I shall combine with my virtual collection. I already uploaded the most sought after books, but fuck scanning my favorite things, let alone my entire collection. But I shall before I die. And all of my hard drives shall be archived in a safe place
I will then distribute this archive among the internet with my blessings.

I will then be cremated along with my entire collection of books, doujinshi, porn, figures, dakimakura, etc. But the main part is that I shall be cremated with the hundreds of doujinshi I have collected, which I am sure will grow much larger by the time I finally pass. All of the many ripped doujinshi pages shall fuel the flame and rest alongside my own ashes. The the ashes shall be spread in the wind.
At least in death I shall be equal with and alongside the Touhous and 2D worlds that I hold so dear to myself.

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she is pretty good

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>implying that canon ever wasn't grimdark and/or scary

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Fairies regenerate when they die. What happens if Cirno falls in the Sanzu? For that matter, what happens to Komachi if she does the same?

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"Oi. You making porn of me, kid? Not awesome. You want to see something awesome? Just step right on the Titanic here..."

Then whether he wishes it or not Anon goes on the ride of his life.

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Yes, about that... I've never understood how that part of Greek mythology was supposed to work.

I've read something about Hermes occasionally picking up the dead, but except for that it never seems to get explained how exactly the dead end up at Acheron. They just sort of do.

Think the Romans added a sort of "angel of death" character, but that seems to have been more of a personification of the moment of death rather than a proper collector.

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N-no, Cirno! That's a BAD river!

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OP here, I'm going to my appointment with Hypnos and Thanatos... and Komachichi, later.

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