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Tits, frills and a god tier silly hat.

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were cow

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Keine. Beautiful, kind, and sweet schoolteacher.

Also, the hat.

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Alright, guys. Although I don't expect everybody to be on right now, I can revive the thread later when everyone is on.

Quick recap:
Anon wakes up in gensokyo, searches for Alice. Gets lost. Attempts to search for the fairies, mostly to keep them away. (Canon says they get miffed if you look for them and are less likely to play "Pranks"(Pranks like setting you on fire, encasing you in ice, ect.) on you.) Finds Cirno. Manages to compliment Cirno and get her to help him. Cirno takes them to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Anon fails to get past Hong Meiling. Anon sees Alice's house, but is persuaded by Cirno(Acting as transportation and protection at this point) to come see her "Pretty Place". Get a nice view of the village, then decides to look for Eientei. Decides not to follow Tewi in the forest, and then attacks a pissed off Reisen. Reisen fuckings owns anon, anon gets separated from Cirno and catches a cold. Wakes up in Keine's house, who apparently saved Anon. Keine gives delicious soup, Anon rests. Anon has hot dream of Patchy, who he sadly never got to meet, but is interrupted by Keine with medicine. After Keine leaves, Anon tries to wander around the house, entering the second door, which brings us to...

You open the second door, peering into the room cautiously. It appears to be none other than a small kitchen, well taken care of. Several spices are on racks, and it appears to be kept meticulously clean. You can smell faintly the remnants of the soup Keine made; it is overall pleasant. There is a small window directly to the front, and there is a small sink, several pantries, etcetera.

[ ] Search for food and try to make yourself something.

[ ] Leave and investigate the another room

[ ] Call for Keine

[ ] Be a kleptomaniac and steal anything looking remotely useful

[ ] Try to escape through the window

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Not protesting in the slightest, you slip back into bed, while she sets a bowl of delicious looking soup next to you on the nightstand. "Please rest well." Keine nods, leaving the room quietly. At least you didn't die. She closes the door behind her, and her footsteps quietly receed.

[ ] Examine the soup.

[ ] Ignore the soup, sleep.

[ ] Eat the soup.

[ ] Screw the soup, attempt to escape!

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