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I do not know my good man. Many years ago, I read his Kohaku H doujin and have been in love with his style ever since because he does PORN WITH PLOT, which is a nice change of pace.

I was told his (Keine vs Eirin) x Anon was very good, which is a shame.

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Most of the time Yuyuko is not considered one of the Babaartett.

No, the doujin I posted has never been scanned.

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>Sorry. No International Shipping Service Available.

>Thank you for visiting our Web site. We, however, are really sorry to inform you that we do not accept orders from overseas because we do not deal international shipping service. We promise to make our utmost effort to meet your demands in the near future. Your understanding will be highly appreciated.

Well, fuck me. Alright. Is there a way to have some third part ship me articles ordered form Toranoana's store? Someone who will not rip me off?

Last one I tried the contents were almost spilling out of the package. Blizzard they were called.

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I like how he draws passion. I admit he is not the best, but he makes ofr interesting setups.

Keine, the wife. Eirin, the lover. Jealousy galore.

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A Touhou doujin featuring Keine and Eirin. Keine got married to this Anonymous, while Eirin got to be his mistress.

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