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it's pretty easy to read.

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There are some people that like the censors (don't like seeing dicks and some weirdos don't like the look of Asian pussies). I can't relate to this at all, but that's certainly a view that exists.

I personally don't like censors, but I sort of just got used to it after decades of JAV and became desensitized to it, but I've started to notice and hate censors more because of how they affect the VR experience. With that aside, I'm sure many of use prefer Asian women (especially Japanese) and find them a lot more attractive, and that trumps the censoring. Also some people prefer the style of JAV over western porn (themes, stories, length). There is quite a bit of uncensored Asian porn now (from Asia and I'm not talking about Asian American actresses in Western porn), but censored JAV is still more popular. Why? Because the girls are hotter, the sex is less boring/more extreme, and probably a lot of other reasons. I also watch Western porn and uncensored Asian porn, but censored JAV is still by far my favorite because of the girls. Yeah, the censors suck, but I can still easily get off to seeing a girl get fucked even if the penetration is blurred. And other scenes like a girl getting 10+ loads blown on her face don't really get affected by censors.

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I need more of her films with this styling.

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being associated with yakuza in some way probably helps

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