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Unknown. Oni come in all sizes.

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... generally.

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That picture...

Nice job, Anon. Now that you've broken the ancient tradition by stealing the cursed sword and trespassing on the forbidden land, slain the first fifteen colossi and sacrificed your best friend's life, the completion of your quest is near at hand. The final colossus awaits. Godspeed!

Climb around her skirt, poke her in the back, climb onto her hand, poke her in the shoulder, climb onto her other hand, shoot her shoulder with the bow when she turns the back of her hand up. The neck on the back left side of her head is safe when she leans forward.

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I know what kind of pizza Suika likes.. Pepper... ONI!

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I'm more interested in the classical buildings rather than the modern ones.

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She seems to be about the same size of Suika in 12.3, maybe a little shorter (her flying around makes her a little taller).

Suika is quite the little drunken runt, and so Cirno is the size of like.. a four or five year old.

However just like Patchy's bust size, fans liberally fluctuate Cirno's size, since fairies are supposed to be little Tinkerbell-sized things from some peoples' point of view, but from the view of people trying to stay close to source, it's as I outlined above.

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How would you handle this situation?

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