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>you will probably be able to bomb it quite a lot.
Well yeah, I could do that but I don't want to waste a million bombs at the same time.
Last time I practiced it in a normal continued run, I ended up wasting 9 bombs...NINE.
I'm fine with bombing, but I want some degree of dodging skill on that card so I don't waste tons of bombs in it.

>remember to not stick to the bottom of the screen, moving upward and downward to misdirect the bullets works just as well if you're near horizontal boundaries of the screen
I'll be damned if that works with Sakuya's giant ass hitbox but I'll give it a shot regardless, thanks.

>It's really just a matter of knowing your hitbox.
That's the million dollar question. Where is my hitbox indeed?
Is it a square, a circle, the white part or the outer red part or something else?
If I had a way of knowing that, I would have almost no problems dodging it.

Already trying to do that, pls no bully.

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aerodinamically designed for maximum bullying

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I want to commit myself to Marisa!

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