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See >>20572367

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Disregard passive comment, I can't read.

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What's a good pace for learning hiragana/kanji? I just started and I feel slow right now so I'm wondering how long someone would take generally, and how much time do you spend on learning per day?

Additionally, does anyone have good apps for smartphone? I took a quick look but didn't see anything great.

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I can't shake the feeling that I'm an idiot. The current me is almost completely useless. There was a time in my life when I was certifiably above-average, but that was ages ago. Even then, it was just on paper. Now, my mind has atrophied into just about nothing. I pride myself as a sort of information junkie, but I can no longer process information at the rate and depth to which I feel accustomed. It makes learning very difficult. I feel half retarded whenever it comes to learning something new. I used to be a very fast learner, picking up new things with ease. Now even things I know (or feel like I know) are hazy to me. I can't even do basic maths any more. This is one of the main things that gets to me. This is what makes me feel like I suck at everything I try. At this point in my life, I know I am more or less a clean slate. I could start over, but instead of starting over from zero, I feel like I've been knocked all the way back to negative three. A point each for my lack of mental fortitude, low self image, and low energy. If I want to get anywhere at all, I have to overcome those three things as well as any other inevitable obstacle that will fall in my way. It's all so daunting that it often discourages me from doing anything at all, but of course that makes me feel even worse, which further saps away any energy and motivation that I might have had.

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You sound mad.

>my board
I think it's moot's board.

The fact is, you are sorely mistaken and these images were posted on /jp/ awhile back by some drawfag. You should have been able to tell by the filenames. Retard.

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Hi, I work on Koiken Otome.

To be clear, we removed the one accused of using machine translation from our team. I don't read moon runes, but we do have competent translators that went through and edited all the lines that he did. You can safely disregard anyone who claims that our patch is a MT, because they clearly haven't read it yet.

I'm not gonna say that our patch isn't a steaming pile of shit though. That is an entirely subjective opinion, and it's pointless to try and argue against that.

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Was anyone else confused by this Japanese the Manga Way book?

I can't put my finger on exactly what's confusing me so much, but I think it has something to do with the way that it's written. The explanations are more confusing than the actual Japanese example, which I'd imagine is supposed to be the harder to understand part.

For example, here's a part from the book:
>"The topic is a noun or noun substitute, and it typically comes at or near the beginning of the sentence. This means that when the topic is also the subject, the "normal" word order remains the same as the other noted at fig. 125 (subject-object verb). But if the topic is the object---as it often is, including here and in fig. 132---the so-called "normal order of the subject and object gets reversed (object-subject-verb).
>"When the object is also the topic, は replaces the object marker を rather than being added to it."

Then the example immediately below it is:

>値段 は 私 が 決める。

は marks 値段 as the topic and object, が marks 私 as the subject, and 値段 is the topic of the sentence and the object of the verb 決める, so it would be "As for the price, I will decide it."

That example was really simple and easy, but that whole paragraph that was supposed to explain it just felt really long winded, barely relevant, and confusing. It feels like they could have just cut out that entire paragraph, left the very last sentence, and that would have been all that was needed. 90% of the book is like this, the pages are filled with so much text but it's like the writer is using a lot of words to say very little.

Is it just me or is the way that this is written a bit confusing? I'm worried that I might be retarded.

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Lying is wrong anon

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Fun Facts:

Neko's Name means cat

The most weird thing of neko is that she feed from blood packet she summons out from nowhere like she knew where she had them keep.

Neko secretly from everyone knowing she carries the sword Ragnarok.

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Working on it.

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Go back and see where I said I liked it. I just said the discussion around it was interesting. Honestly it had a good premise, but when the piss episode came I couldn't have become less interested.

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the thread is too long, could someone tell me if LINK FUCKING WHERE.


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I'm sure if you lurked for about 5 minutes you'd see every one of them.

pic related

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I only have 10 or so but i'll put them here.

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