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Does anyone know what the hell the etiquette is regarding Japanese artists on twitter? I use my account there exclusively to follow artists/view their work since Pixiv is dead and have literally never attempted interaction with anyone on the site, but everyone now and then I find that I'm blocked by a random art account. Like in some of their bios it says "people who RT or like without saying anything will be blocked", the fuck? Do they want you to send them a DM and ask for permission every time before you click the heart button?

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/v/ reads BL VN? I thought the board went to shit a long time ago and homo content would get dogpiled by /pol/

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>If you'd seriously stop watching Ame after discovering she has a bf just stop watching her already

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how many lines do you guys read/min in vns?

i decided to time myself and it's about 100 per 10 mins (10/min in other words), but that's just based on the one vn i'm reading right now so it's maybe not a very accurate assessment in general of my reading speed

i'm curious anyhow as to whether this is fast, slow, or just plain average, at least relative to other learners.

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>I dont care how much ZUN wants to un-canon it because of his retarded fantasies or bad writing,

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Where did whoever started the DJT library get all those ebooks from?

Whenever you search for LNs and stuff on Nyaa, or even on AnimeBytes (which actually seems to be worse for raw LNs than Nyaa), all you get is shitty scans. The only time you get ebooks is when said ebooks have been converted into JPEG images for God only knows what reason, and of course the original EPUB, AZW3 or whatever is nowhere to be found.

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Ever seen a fanart where the character is blatantly not themselves? When facial expressions, demeanor, body language, face, body, aren't consistent with their character. Why do artists do this?

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So the organization this year is different? What entails to Day 1/2/3?

It used to be simply

Day 1: Touhou, games and music
Day 2: Yaoi and other smaller things
Day 3: Main hentai doujin day

Has this changed?

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But I thought the tease was Moe?

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That's her first video but dubbed.
Is she going to dub all of her videos into english now?

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>not an undead
>steal Zombie-ko's gimmick

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Why. Why does porn of the yuuchuubas feel so different from regular porn? It's like fapping to nudes of a family member.

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Why do English ca/ka sounds become "kya" in Japanese?

e.g. you would expect "cat" to be "カット" but it's actually "キャット".

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>otaku culture
>it's actually a board for touhoufags & seiyu/idoltards

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In these example sentences, how am I supposed to know whether 入っており is はいっており or いっており, and whether 開く is ひらく or あく?

Several photos were inside the envelope, and a letter was attached.

A password has been set on this file, and it needs to entered when opening.

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Also having problems getting a SDVX controller.

Wanted to shop here https://www.gamo2.com/en/ but I can't select Japan as the country to ship to. Any alternatives?

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What's Yukari's endgame? Is she just trying to test Reimu here or something?

Either way I think it'd be very weird for this to go somewhere without Kosuzu and Reimu getting to have a legitimate conversation about the state of things.

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Can't the community just pick up the translation from the 95% of the game that isn't the sex scenes and patch it into the Japanese game?

Then just finish up the ero dialogue which is usually simple as fuck.

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What does this mean?

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The last time I heard it was in LWA when Sucy said "乗れば?" while trying to get Akko onto her broom. So what was it implying?

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