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most heartwarming touhou pic ever

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Early today I saw "4CHAN" written on the wall of one of my campus buildings. I'm still RAGING.

Moe moe thread to treat the pain.

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I'm feeling ronery, /jp/, which is strange since I've developed a resistance to such feelings. My cold and detached nature, the lack of human contact, and the lack of a significant other are getting to me.

This is freaking me the fuck out, since I haven't experienced this in months, or years, and thought I'd overcome it. I... I think I actually want to talk to PEOPLE, /jp/.

That being said, ITT moe/happy, anything /jp/-related, for all the other Anons experiencing such a thing. Anything to make you smile.

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I'd love this, but coding the basic gallery is enough of a problem. On the upside, with the source it'll be easier to add further features.

That would be Maruchira's Treasure, the only doujin I ever edited in a sane time frame. (Though I'm not 100% sure of the spelling for the circle name.)

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