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If you were keeping up, you'd know that Gods and those close to their level can ignore whatever divine punishment that could befall on them if they ever break their Commandment

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Pushpaka Ratha:‚Äč
Khvarenah's Commandment. In exchange for the binding of "having no choice but to continue giving birth to things that will become weapons", he gets "Becoming an atrocious, mighty incarnation of destruction" as a boon. That is, his power to grow up to the size of a Hypergiant Star, as well as to keep multiplying Saurva, the Star Cluster of Extinction, without an end in sight, finds its origin in this Commandment.

A Workshop of Destruction soaring across the heavens. A Halo of War, a chakram, accelerating endless wars through its creations, unable to become a Halo of Light, a true Khvarenah (Zoroastrian concept, not his name). That phrase is quite apt to describe Archdemon Khvarenah. If we were to enumerate his tragedies, it'd be something like what's presented below.

Because he came to hold a "Yearning towards swords" through his meeting with Divine Sword before his very birth, the essence of the "Beauty" he should have embodied was distorted, and he lost his qualification to reach the level of a God. Thus, he became unable to defy the Great Tentsui that followed, being driven mad in the process.

In spite of this, his "Yearning towards swords" vaguely remained, and he established this Commandment as a memento of that. As a result, he fell into a vicious circle: the more faithful he was to his binding, the farther away he strayed from his original form, his Oblivion deepening even further. Let's assume that, as a result of remembering about his truth, he manifested his Hegemony of "Beauty", because that'd result in the breaking of his Commandment, divine punishment would fall down upon him.

However, as a matter of fact, Khvarenah was totally fine. Through his contact with Magsarion, he was able to regain just enough Divinity to oppose Avesta's divine punishment, however, if we looked at it from another perspective, due to dedicating part of his power towards this, he became unable to exhibit his power to perfection.

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