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>And now my motivation returns not because of finishing this event, but for farming ships.

Fuck you fatfucker.

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Guys I may or may not be completely retarded, but can you help me with herb farming? As far as I can gather, I need to grind Harvesting quests to get herb seeds. Is there any other way to get the seeds other than this and\or converting to Kumiromi?
Wiki says that selling cooked food is quite profitable, how high do I need to train cooking skill before I can start making serious money with it?
How much do I need to invest into a shop before it starts selling potions of potential?

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>tfw on N3 test break right now

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Tried playing stepmania for the first time in over a decade. Agonizing wrist and knuckle pain immediately came back after a couple songs.

I just want to have fun

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I know this is dumb, but hear me out.

I'm on a quest to prove that a fucking pony is not the single character with the most porn content on the internet. I need your assistance because I don't know exactly where I can gather this data.

So far I know Touhou is the franchise with the most porn, but there's so many characters that the content is too spread out between them. The touhou with the most porn showed only 5.3K R18 results on pixiv and 4.6K explicit+questionable images on gelbooru.
Hatsune Miku, the character with the most images on gelbooru, had 7.1K questionable+explicit results, and 9.3K R18 results on pixiv

The fucking horse in question has over 28K questionable+explicit images on a single booru.

Please put me in the right path to get the data to end this bullshit

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>tfw so shit at taiko that it took me 20+ tries to full combo train-train with buttons

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