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I'm sad too, I turned 22 today and feel like old shit, I know I'm still young and still could do something with my life but the fact that everyone else is already 3-4 years ahead of me makes me lose all hope, I wish I hadn't spent all these years having fun and focusing in my hobbies instead of becoming a decent human being, no wait, I don't.
Cheer up dude.

You're here, at /jp/, with your friends.

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Depends on what woman, usually I find blonde more cute but my archetype of ideal woman has black hair ┐('~` )┌

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Let's have a look in this old friend of all ours.

Well, if lolicon/pedophilia(branchs of the same tree) were harmful evolution would had wiped it long time ago since humans are social beings and anything destructive for the individual or the group that supports him through the symbiotic social interaction is rejected unless it retrieves a higher reward in proportion (I'm not for math now it out)

From an objective, not human point of view? No
From a single individual who have lived all his life in a dark cave and suddenly being freed? Guess.
From a social point of view? $$$, Politics, Religion, Media and power in general.

From a naturalist point of view? It should be discussed further:
A- Human that feels attracted to, obviously fertile, women under 18 years old(lol America) hence, copulate with them.
B- He doesn't feel attracted to women to them.

Obviously A offspring will take over B kind since B has a harmful restriction without reward in his reproductive behavior.

A = multiplies his numbers.

Now lets see from the other point of view.

Bα Kind is attracted to woman of more than 10 years old, AKA loli.
Bβ Kind is not.

While the alpha kind loses his effort with infertile females the beta one loses too, since 10-12 are usually infertile too, but alpha lose 5 times more, then this time beta wins and, overtime, Bβ men will be dominant.

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>Love me genuinely.
>Will do it always if I don't hurt her.

( ._.)

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When you see it...

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Evening, /jp/

Do any of you happen to have the soundtracks for each episode of Umineko? I would really appreciate it.

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when you see it you will shit bricks

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