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>thread about learning Japanese
>no one is discussing learning Japanese
>it's all spergs and shitposters and bait posts about how X or Y isn't the best method
4chan is lost

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How can I get my daughter to get interested in japanesse culture?

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wat game?

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What? I'm a dude and I don't give a shit about the size of my tits.

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Why isn't this in the gravure thread?

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>posts 3DPD white celebrity
>calls other people normie

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How short are you compared to the doll?

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>made an inappropriate joke about 4Kings
>gets hate from Mito fans

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If I downloaded an ISO file from jav torrent, does that mean it's the raw video and do I have to encode or something to watch it?

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Ok so from what I'm understanding, she's saying something like "What do you mean by replacing" ?
付け替える -> Replace , renew
とは -> Defining what's being talked about
どういうこと -> What do you mean ?
でしょうか? -> Isn't it ? Seems like it ?

Context was someone was saying :" 英語字幕を付け加えてもいいですか?" to her and that was her reply

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Really ? The more I understand the lyrics of Japanese songs, at least the one I usually listen to, the more "normalized" it is for me. The lyrics usually are pretty generic, so I don't really have any ill-wills towards them

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>In your native language, you either get told by an adult or look it up
You learned more than 30k words as a little kid by being told what they mean or looking them up?

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If I want to spend a BP to get a daihatsu and don't care about the ship itself, which one should I remodel? Does any Daihatsu ship have same noteworthy starting gear aside from the Daihatsu?

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Okay which one is which? Can someone translate the first 10 at least?

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Why is this thread in /jp/? Isn't kantai collection a game?

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Can someone help me find this mother son incest video? Story went something like this
>son gets girlfriend and starts fucking her
>mom finds out and becomes jealous, starts masturbating outside while her son bangs his gf
>mom then ties up both her son and his gf while they are asleep
>mom rapes her son while he is tied to a chair and force gf to watch
>gf is fed up with the crazy and leaves
>son is briefly angry at mom because he lost his gf for her
>then they start fucking instead

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>2nd hand daki
Soon it'll be second hand pocket pussies

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>Memorization means you actually, you know, commit the thing to memory.

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What's a efficient way to learn how to write kana and keeping it memorized?
I'm not giving a fuck about knowing how to write kanji, I just want to be able to write kana for quick notes while I'm studying.

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