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She got to the corpse late this time so she didn't have much to work with

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The transition from Risu singer voice to Coco voice

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So Japanese in general left her while she left with SEAChink?

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We get to have fun with them

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She has been up all night on twitter.
You will never guess why.

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>he didn't get an invite

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That last second desperation that turns into tears after knowing she lost, god that's so hot.

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Just imagine...

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Kanata can't even hear herself

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He didn't even say you're from /vt/, you kinda walked in on that one

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Same. Nothing comfier than a sauna in winter

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Watame on uusi maailmanmestari!

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>Voice start going out after talking for 6.5 hours straight
>Eats a cough drop and continues

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what the hell is this

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Can't puff what got chopped off, anon

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Holy shit those noises coming out of Watame's mouth while eating...

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do manlets really

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Jump on the "Watame is fucking dying narrative and is speedrunning her dreams so she can die in peace" with me.

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Leave it to sheepkeks to make Flare's 3d about Watame

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>try her hardest to get into the entertainment industry
>do humiliating stuff like that wrestling video everybody has seen
>do even worse shit that hasn't been found out
>after years of works land a dream job in the best company of the industry
>get the opportunity to record her own music despite being unable to sing
>get money from streaming
>with enough time and after corona is over she would be able to even do concerts and events
That sounds like a happy ending after years of tears and sweat but
>shows her nipples on twitch and get banned from the platform
>complain about coworkers and conspires to sabotage them
>plans to shit her own career and is soon to be kicked out
What's her big plan? Why would someone do this? Is her end game becoming a low tier homemade porn maker? I don't understand.

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This joke is very very funny.

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>not staying until the end of the fireworks

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