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how to actually start learning how to read japanese

step 0: set a consistent schedule to learn the language
step 0.5: know that you cannot make an english analogue for everything and doing so will result in failure
step 1: learn the ganas (make sure to emulate speech)
step 1.5: start with the core anki 2k/6k deck simultaneously (make sure to emulate speech)
step 2: if you can write every single character out without difficulty, you can move onto immersing yourself while keeping up with anki (make sure to emulate speech)
step 2.5: learn the fucking grammar
step 3: start reading elementary school textbooks for japanese students (make sure to emulate speech)
step 3.5: start reading elementary school manga (make sure to emulate speech)
step 4: start listening to newscasts or other sources of japanese that are audible (make sure to emulate speech)
step 4.5: find a japanese buddy to talk to or go find a club (you can stop emulating now)
step 5: realize you've spent 2 - 4 years learning the language and you're at the top of the mountain, proceed to shekel every dime from EOPs

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Oh ok. That clears things up I guess. Too bad the fucker who did this did not die, I doubt he realized how many people hate him/her right now

He wasnt old and he wasnt ill. It was not a natural death

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Its always in times of tragedy that all of 4shit finally comes together.

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>you will never drink with nama
>you will never get into a drunken fight with nama
>you will never hug each other while walking home afterwards

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