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They do. Kitsune, Yuki Onna, and other youkai are commonly believed to mate and procreate with humans. And since youkai act according to those beliefs...
Why not? Human bodies (or at least male ones) get flooded with all kinds of hormones when faced with lethal danger, and this includes ones related to sexual activity. Since youkai are very often fully-functional sentient creatures, it isn't much of a stretch that they would be subject to the same impulses as humans after whom they are shaped. This perhaps going doubly for animal-descended youkai.

I'm not saying they would do it to comfort the hypothetical trapped male, but they could certainly get aroused, and sex and food have often been connected in psychology anyway. I've always liked how Hakika handled it in this doujin:
Of course, Yamame is canonically one of the nicest youkai around, so her handling of the situation may be a little bit kinder than most.

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I still have no idea which doujin this is from, but I really want to find it.

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