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Didn't hang around here today. Got gifted Island from a buddy but gonna finish NnK first.

From what I get the game isn't so much about being erotic. It's about pure rulership. The main constantly states that he wants to get everything of her, her body, her heart, her consciousness and everything - And he wants all of it without remorse.

The was a little flashback that the main sits in his room as a smaller kid crying, but I don't really see how this traumatized and depressed him so much.

The fact the game only has 2 characters is interesting though, and in itself in case someone were to defile this game and localize it it wouldn't cost so much because you wouldn't need to pay so many voice acting licenses. I guess MangaGamer would not do it though, because Goodharo considers NnK as a Nukige - even though its more of a deeper chamber story and deals with the interactions of two people who don't have a choice but to interact with each other. -Nitroplus Mojika-scene where you beat up the gyaru is kind of similar to this.

Whats also interesting is how the main goes mad when the girl refuses to do what he says, to the point that he thinks about killing her. He did that in the beginning already but as further I come to the end it gets more intense, like pressing her on the cock so she literally nearly dies, making her suck up the spilled semen. I have to take back that they make this porn not erotic because they use gagballs and other bondage devices later.Spanking is also used once - She really looks in pain.

The game has huge textwalls of expositon to the next h-scene and barely any dialogue, even if it does have any its sparcely used.

Pic related is a diary where he notes down how Mitsuki turns into his slave day by day.

Fuck the DJT fucks. Stop shitting up this thread. Its the only useful one.

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