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>You originally had black hair, but it turned white after you drank the Hourai elixir. So why didn't Kaguya's hair turn white after drinking it?

Mokou: I'm not quite sure of that myself, actually.

Eirin: Now that question requires quite a bit of knowledge of how the Elixir works to answer. But I'll indulge. The Elixir isn't really an "eternal life potion": no such thing exists. Like most powerful magic effects, it's achieved by combining various other, unrelated effects to create something greater. The Hourai Elixir literally involves dozens of individual effects which are chained together to create the final desired effect.

The first step is to create an idealized representation of the self. Since the body must be able to reincarnate from nothing, it needs a template. The rest of the steps are complicated, but they could be summarized as "binding" this representation to the soul in some fashion. In this sense, the Hourai Elixir can actually be described as magic that binds the soul to an image.

Upon drinking the Elixir, this template is created permanently from the mind of the drinker. The image is conjured from the subconcious mind, so it's typically accurate to who you are, or at least who you, deep down, wish to be.

Kaguya: And that's why I'm the most beautiful moon princess, of course.

Eirin: My guess is that in Mokou's case, due to the trauma of the situation she was in when she drank it, something went a bit wrong.

Mokou: Huh. That makes sense.

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Mokou, because she is hot.

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At least in a multiplayer game you're cheating against some real opponent, even if you're being a jackass.

In a singleplayer game, you're just cheating against yourself, which is even dumber.

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Badass remixes thread.

I just downloaded Silver Forest's discography, and 届かない永遠の距離, their remix of Mokou's theme, is utterly awesome.

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CkZRlgZvVQ4 (crap quality, but meh)

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I wanted to go on a date with Mokou but she rejected me flat-out. Upon hearing the story, a friend told me that I got burned.

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Top left, obviously. Also, Mokou is hot.

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Use one of these.

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Image 44 of 51

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Cirnofag detected.

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No, Mokou is hot.

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I'm with you guys, Mokou needs to be in SWR.

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I want to use my raw manliness to turn her from an aggressive tomboy into a cute girly girl. I want to tame her and make her mine

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Not even I would touch that truck after that.

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ITT facemeltingly awesome Touhou rock remixes.

I'll start with a pretty badass one:


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Mokou is hot

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