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/jp/ I hope you'll forgive my intrusion since I'm more of a lurker and I've only been lurking here for a couple months.
I've recently gotten more in to visual novels. I've found a lot of really enjoyable ones but I was wondering if you guys have some recommendations for horror VNs. so far I haven't found any (granted I'm still quite new to them).
pic unrelated

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You're a Kyon level otaku, you say? Hrmph, I'm a spy, and you're as far beneath me as God level otaku are beneath you. Think you're pretty hot with your cleaning up messes and realization tricks? I'm the real deal, those fuckers don't even know that they're death is coming. By the time you realize that I wasn't really on your team. I've already sapped all your sentries and back stabbed your entire team. You just keep wasting your time trying to build dispensers and sending in unsuspecting heavies. I'll be watching from behind, waiting for the perfect moment to get you when you don't even know whats coming.

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Fucking alligators.

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How would you handle this situation?

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So I just hurt myself masturbating with a cardboard toilet paper tube.
I think it's time to buy an onahole, which site/online store is the best?

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No, but the horse needs to die.

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This is what 3D women are really like, /jp/.

Don't let them fool you.

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Ultra Casual-tier. So casual I don't even have Touhou pics in my folder.

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Actually, it was a crocodile. A very common mistake, I assure you.

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