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There, le ende.

Fuck this board for going batshit just as I finished writing this.

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Allowed? Shit son, this is 4chan, there's only a few official rules, the rest doesn't matter. However, board culture discourages anything that's not ";_;" really.

Answering this thread (and to spite the shitty trolls), I share the same tastes as OP. Alhtough a Mokou is fine too.

Oh, and just putting this out there, PC-98 Reimu > Windows Reimu.

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/jp/ can appreciate lesbians on a higher level than most people. Our constant shipping threads have refined lesbian appreciation to a science.

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I love how out of nowhere that came.

"I Iove sushi."

That made sense, she was eating it, and making a typical orgasmic comment about it. Then the fuck next to her had to start of fucking chain reaction of weeaboo that nearly brought 4chan down to it's knees faster than Shiki in a men's room truck stop.

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Aren't we just the cutest couple?

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I'd go to their wedding.

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Because he didn't want anyone to mention them.

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With a smoking hot girlfriend like Mokou you wouldn't leave the house either.

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>Kaguya older than Mokou
I want to hear her call Kaguya Onee-san now.
Maybe... maybe Onee-sama.

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I feel that they have/will go into an endless cycle of tender love-dramatic breakup-dire, murderous hate-apathy-desire for a positive relationship-tender love loop.

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