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Was on /v/ in 2008, don't even remember how I found it. Downloaded and tried PCB, which I was mistakenly told was the first game in the series. After playing it for a few minutes I thought it was some impossible game for hardcore Japanese otaku, and wrote it off and never bothered with it again.

Gave it a second chance in 2009 during the height of UFO's popularity, Byakuren everywhere. I had just dropped out of uni for the second time and I was bordering on obsession with the series Chaos;Head. That's when I became a /jp/sie. This is also my first post here again in more than two years.

As bad as those times were, I look back on them and I want to cry. Compared to what life is like now, they were amazing. The future seemed very uncertain, but bright, I was full of hope and optimism. It was a paradise compared to the nightmare everything seems to be today.

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Don't 404 just yet!

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None of them.

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> I like the ZUN version more than any other cover version.

I can't believe this. It may be overrated, but I think is one of most awesome songs in the tohoverse... I must have at least 30 different arranges of it.

So good.

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>smooth sailing except for Murasa

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Best baba.

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