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That's good. We crushed the souls of the Native Americans, and we deeply regret it. It's nice to hear that we haven't destroyed everything in our path. Pleasant dreams.

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Is there any doujin featuring lesbian sex/rape between America and Japan?

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Most Americans don't have a clear understanding of which parts of their lives come from their culture. Traits that they don't recognize as such, they often mistakenly take as universal. An example of this kind of mistake would be to interpret this phenomenon on a personal level and call it pretentious.
When such people see deviations from these traits in a far away place, they misinterpret what they see based on these false assumptions, but never bother to dwell on what they see long enough to spot contradictions. Most Americans doing this never find a reason to fix it, because it's not worth the effort to them. They've each got their own horribly exciting individual lives to spend mental effort on. I'll bet you can think of at least nation somewhere that you know only on a level of stereotypes from movies, and ten things you'd rather do right now than read a whole book about them. Such people form a majority in America, so the horse shit made here to appeal to the largest number of people reflects their average world view, weighted by income.

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Tell us something we don't know

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Because japs can't aim, that's why they lost the war.

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You wont get to be a hero raping Japanese girls.


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Here in the West, where some of us have morals, we like to tell people when they're being retarded fuckers even if it doesn't personally benefit us. Crazy, I know!

But hey, as long as we're setting up strawmans, let's throw some ad hominems around too. You're a cocklicking slant-eyed dolphin eater who rapes his first cousin every alternate Tuesday. Now you call me an obese boulder-nosed hillbilly who masturbates with his cowboy hat and drinks the blood of Christian babies. C'mon, it'll be fun!

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I bet she wishes she was American there

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The difference is that on 2ch and Futaba, they're completely serious instead of just trolling.

To be fair, Korea and China has the same attitude towards Japan and China or Korea and China, respectively. This doesn't make it any better, of course; two wrongs don't make a right.

Unfortunately, in countries where a single ethnicity makes up such an enormous section of the population, racism is really inevitable, and it'll continue to be as long as the primary source of information on other cultures is through the medium of television.

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I think this says it all.

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