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Finished Korehano. Definitely better than Azurite's first title, but it still has its flaws. Much shorter however, and yet still too long for the story it wanted to tell.

Korehano starts fairly interesting. While the eventual story isn't particularly deep in the end, it's well enough done to be entertaining. However the way it's told is getting progressively more annoying.
This game unlocks branches and as such "endings" in sets. See most of those and you unlock more. Repeat until at the end. The problem is that these branches aren't standalone routes or anything like that. "Endings" are for the most part along the lines of "and then something bad happened. The end" or "and then nothing happened anymore and time passed. The end". The next set of unlocked branches will then continue what was started before and eventually do the same. As a result it feels like you are playing several routes at once. This isn't very nice as you WILL get to see very similar events, just slightly different because of a different heroine being "main". Back to back to back. In addition, later unlocked branches also repeat previous stuff. A lot. And none of the copy and pasted stuff is actually automatically skipable. It's considered unread text. At the end, "new" branches feel like 80% known and/or copy and pasted. It really doesn't flow well.

To be honest, the story feels like it should be linear. The further you get, the heavier this feeling gets. The final part is also unfortunately too long without doing much for a good amount of time. That's hella weird given the (in my opinion nice) fast pacing before. There are also a bunch of story flaws at the end. One of them heavily reminded me of the first Azurite title That pseudo rape scene in chapter 4(?), which made me think that that one may not be on the writer or he just tried to "keep that style". The others are mostly convenient writing stuff.

In the end I'm mostly not agreeing with the game's structure, while the story is mostly alright. Though I'd assume many will agree that not getting the motive of the villain is weird. That still easily makes it better than Shinsou Noise, if you ask me. What however definitely was a major downgrade was the art. The last arc misses way too many sprites and the CG are generally weirdly and randomly used. The "faceless protag" part is also incredibly awful in this game. It's not even consistent, and just ugly. It's not a game where that'd fit either.

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