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She is so angry she becomes calm again.

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I am on floor 49/50 of the dungeon that unlocks once you beat the 2nd tier of dungeons on the moon. There is absolutely no way for me right now to beat this floor because of RNG. A single huge floor filled with enemies like Flandre and Kisume. Flandre can hit everything on the floor for massive damage from anywhere. After 2 turns only all the Flandres and those super strong Kisume enemies are left alive and quickly kill my almost dead characters. I have no items to deals with this because the dungeon did not allow you to bring any and I didn't find the right items.

2,5 hours of dungeon crawling wasted because of RNG.

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I can't even complain or get mad at Hourai Jewel anymore, I just kinda burst in laughing and close the game

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