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Yes. They haven't even begun to ship or translate enough of those Samurai films. Really is upsetting to me. I like the strange Samurai tale movies the most.

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Japanese Film industry general like the thread titles says:

Japanese DVD Collections
Japanese Movies
Japanese T.V
Japanese Actors

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I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but he is primarily known for doing Yakuza movies.

He did make this movie based off Yakuza. The official title is "Like A Dragon". It came out a while ago, but just recently was released to DVD in the west.

His latest American/Europe movie release is a re-make of Harakiri.

I personally don't like most of Miike's work, but shhhh don't tell him that.

I hate saying that, but so much of his films are so ridiculous that they aren't funny, not even in the Japanese sense.

He is a massive pervert too. Its really no wonder why the Japanese love him.
He can be as absurd and perverted as he wants with no social restrictions, which the average Japanese person cannot do.

What did /jp/ all think of The Legend of the Eight Samurai?

Please tell me you loved it /jp/.

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They mad a movie based on the Yakuza video game, but I have not watched it,.,,it's called Like A Dragon
Here is a link where you can buy it.

BRUTAL TALES OF CHIVALRY movie series is number one
number two is Branded to Kill
Third is probs Outrage
Outrage is scheduled for a 2nd movie

There are so many Samurai movies so I couldn't tell you which one is the best, but I can tell you what the best one is in my collection in my opinion.

And that is Shogun's Samurai.
I have lots of movies from the top directors and top writers from Japan, but this one is great.
Why: Sonny Chiba acting and directing action scenes, international guest appearance from Chinese actor and martial arts expert, made in the glorious age of the 1980's, loaded with action, a simple concept with smooth storytelling, it's got some historical references, there is manga based off of it, and great actresses/actors.

This pic isn't either of the movies. I not only recommend /jp/ watching this movie, but buying it too.
It'll transport you back into the 1980's and a world of fantasy samurai. They don't make these kind of movies in Japan anymore, so I try to find any movies like this one. The Legend of the Eight Samurai

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