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On a second though, fuck resting

i want to brandish a spear with a burgee at the top with E~rins butt on it and have a skirmish against her, so i can charge towards her letting out a ferocious roar fueled by my lewd thoughs, while dodging her danmaku i would throw my spear with the precision of a hundred Craig Harrisons disarming her. when i finally reach E~rin i tackle her and then i

give her the most powerful slap in the butt, with the force of a billion impotent-raging /v/-fags, making her lewd and perfect butt wobble like the lewdest jelly in the world.

on the way to Eientei i take her as a POW and sign a ceasefire agreement with the next terms

-Free residence for me
-Access to Kaguya-hime's room (obviously any suspicious act i commit will get my shit slapped)

bringing this back to the frontpage

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