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Onee-san and hag type races are best when they're young, pear shaped and weak to anal.

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Fat loli ass is perfection.

Anal energetic young girls instead.

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For me it's "any high class undead loli FAT ass"

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Lolis > Hags > Lolibabas

Nothing beats big trueloli butt.

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Need thick loli thighs and ass in my hands.

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Reasons to go to an undead realm
>cute young undead girls
>sexy revealing clothes and fat pale loli ass

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I want to convince a loli Wight to wear a v-string and then stuff her big pale butt without even taking her clothes off

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Pear-shaped lolis are prime. They're super cute younger girls you want to dote on, but also have very erotic bodies made to be lewded and draped in inappropriately sexy clothes that encourage the former even more.

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Childbearing hips on children

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Well they're an exception and you should be groping and massaging them anyway.

I want is a wight who likes sitting in my lap. Sometimes naked.

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>I'll love my wife when she's small and when she's tall.
Well said, all men should love little girls with big butts and the noble hourglasses they grow up into.

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Time to make my first post of 2022, and remind you all that lolis are for gentle maledom and anal.

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small clack

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I love ass, lolis and loli ass.

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Yes, and the small body, flat chest and cute face make it look even bigger and sexier in contrast.

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>Cuter, sexier, more beautiful, and more aesthetically proportioned
All correct

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Lolis with wide hips and big round asses that still also feel small and cute due to her general size are perfection, and young girls are peak performance.

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But they aren't, though.

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Young lolis > hag lolis

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>I like the little ones
Same here

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Even little wights stay graceful and balanced on heels.

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Not too long ago I saw a dream where I was at the beach, with a loli Wight in a one-piece swimsuit.

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I want to go on a romantic date with a loli Wight and have slow romantic sex afterwards.

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