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The bestest teacher.

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But, what about Keine's awesome hat?

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Pic related - teacher with a motherly side during the day, wild woman with fierce loyalties during the night HAWT.

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You rush out after Keine, and from what you saw, she headed into the bedroom. The door is closed, and it is obvious she wishes for no further disturbances at this point.

[ ] "Keine, please, talk to me!"

[ ] Knock on the door.

[ ] Find Cirno instead

[ ] Leave the house; give her some time and space

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You decide to make the eggs fried this time, just for a small change. Cirno continues to talk at you, lapsing into events of previous days. Occasionally you respond with a "Mhmm" or a nod. You're getting the hang of this, you think. You allot two eggs for each person; just enough for the end of this dozen, as you used the first two in your attempt to make Keine brunch. Although you almost manage to burn your own, it all looks pretty well. You put in copious amounts of pepper. Only a few minutes before you finish, Keine leaves the bathroom, well dressed and yawning. You can still see bruises on her out of the corner of your eye. You set up the table. Your motivations may be pure or to bang them, but either way, you've done well, anon.

[ ] Call everyone in.

[ ] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

[ ] Screw waiting, dig in already.

[ ] Call everyone, but dig in before they get there.

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She looks a bit more relaxed as you aquiece. "Good, good. Please tell me how you feel later." Not giving you a chance to respond, she leads you by the hand back to bed, and you obediently get back in. She tucks you in nice and warm, and refills the cup of water, exiting the room. "I will see you in a few hours." She calls, gently shutting the door behind her.
What do you do anon?

[ ] Drink water. You are thirsty. Then fall asleep.

[ ] Drink water. You are thirsty. Then try to escape through the larger bedroom window.

[ ] Drink water. You are thirsty. Then go over to the window and see if you can still see Marisa through it.

[ ] Drink water. You are thirsty. Then pretend to sleep until Keine comes.

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