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Making dai

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My protagonists!
And dai-chan I guess

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is anyone here interested in a proper touhou fangame release that purely focuses on the SOL in gensokyo vibe with all the lewd/rapey stuff trimmed out? something like stardew valley but less tranny.

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i sometimes fantasize about dai chan being infatuated with me, a resident of the human village. i don't look at her in that way but she is too persistent, infiltrating the human village to meet me. The human villages throw my shit out of the village and tell me to get lost, youkai sympathiser (as if the elders of the village don't get fairy cunny every other week)
so i go by the misty lake and sit there just staring off into the distance when dai appears. i scold her until she starts crying and runs away. i start cutting wood to build a shelter. after a few days she comes back with cirno in tow, timidly saying she will help me and this is all her fault. then we build the shelter. the three of us play and laugh. i start falling for dai too. Cirno has no idea what happens behind closed doors in the dead of the night. Cirno notices her friend becoming more woman-like. Dai also seems to be more mature now, almost too smart for a fairy. Looks like fairies grow up when they fall in love.

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