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Sorry mate, but the entirety of /jp/ either wants to fuck her or be one of her dolls. So that's not gonna happen.

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There is no room for celebration in this joyless existence of ours.

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For reasons that she's overplayed yet has litrlke going for her. Alice has become a vehicle of her obsessions - as a fanon character (since she hasn't been canonically seen since IaMP) - and there aren't many of those left. It's either obsess about Marisa or be moody and depressed. She hasn't been seen on her search for an independent doll since forever, and completely forgotten was her tendency for rating her opponents based on the number of clothing colors (as opposed to, for example, Patchouli's cat-ness rating). The retcon devastated whatever background material and created some kind of "assumed history" in which she met Marisa and Reimu.
Even the doujinshi fanon has a difficult time giving her fresh things to do.

Either revoke the retcon or retool her character. Otherwise, she's just becoming a forgettable one-act show.

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Nitori got to them, huh.

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Not even Marisa is here tonight.

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