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i leave to get a snack, and come back to not nihingo. so this is the current theory? lol

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>machine translation
>when original poster recommended a Vita game.
It's pretty fucking obvious that he somehow was delusional and thought that EOP was beginning to learn Japanese, and recommended some super easy boring shit for that. So why are you so upset?

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Why is 0048shit so cancerous? Not only is it absofuckinglutey ridiculous, its fanbase actually thinks it's a masterpiece and AOTY. It's based on 3DPD bitches, and it has on more than one occasion corrupted an upstanding /a/non into a fan of the 3D group: into something less than human. You fans love to spew out your "no fun hurr" catchphrase shit like motherfucking ponyfags ("Love and tolerance! Repeating this shit endlessly, that'll show the haters!"). The threads are 90 per cent wanking over how wonderful the show is through your incorrectly prescribed glasses and 10 per cent serious contemplation of symbolism in your ad-libbed Kawamori vomit.

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>that one guy who tries to meme arrow outside 4chan

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