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>worst image
>fluffy as hell hair
>exposed milky-white belly and thighs
>embarrassed Remiry

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I remember when years ago I was a flanfag, but /jp/ made me realise that the Remimimi is the best. It's hard to even grasp how perfect she is. Her cuteness, her elegance, how sexy she can be, but also very badass. She has so many awesome ways fandom depict her. The charisma incarnate badass leader, or how cute she is when her charisma breaks. Then the versions where she is shy and tries to hide it, makes her really cute. Also super badass versions showing her off as a mighty vampire and leader. In general the whole SDM profits from being the oldest windows game and they all elevate each other further by how much their characters have been explored by fans.

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Now if we see even the lolis as sexually mature I would give them the higher puffiness so we look at a group of Rumia, Remilia, Flan, Chen, Sukuna and Koishi. We do another distinction here, wether avoidance of UV-light is much better than just eating flesh/drinking blood or not. First case we have Rumia and the vampires avoiding sunlight a lot, for them I would give it to Remilia, flesh and blood are both rich in iron and liver is said to be a stamina food for sex, so it can be helpful, but out of the 3 only Remilia gets the massive comfort, massages, hot baths, wine and so. Also her 5 years being older than Flan might give her just the edge and if I learned something from doujinshi than it's that Flan probably masturbates since she is 200 and Remi is pure and naive.

Now if we see UV-light as not so bad we go with Chen, Sukuna and Koishi as contender and this is a tough one. I could say that Koishi being subconscious makes her produce less hormones, but it might aswell make her just act on instinct and fuck around all the time, who knows. I have barely any knowledge about Sukuna, so I can't really tell. Chen is hopefully not sexually active, fish is good for blood circulation and she gets enough exercise, so I throw in my personal bias and say it's Chen.

All in all my instinct tells me that Remilia, Tewi and Suwako are high on the puffiness scale, but only Remi is pure. Tewi clearly is made for sex and her puffiness might be as resilient as she is and Suwako is a slut and probably uses dark magic to stay puffy.
But who knows, in the end it's mostly random what vulva type someone has. Unless you are a slut like Sanae and your vagina and ass never closes.

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