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Try another medium.

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I know I posted this like 3 times already, but quoting the expert in this matter (and almost everything else) is just the easiest and best way.

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We were playing eroge and learned important things.

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Done with Noratoto 2. In some ways better than I expected, in some ways worse than I hoped.

First of all, the production values are definitely great, and the music is still great and varied as well.

Now for the branching. The was already a problem in the first game, as any route but Pato's felt weird and unfitting. Giving how this game kinda branches off Noratoto 1, the whole game has this issue. But even apart of that, the branching point here is utterly terrible. One option continues the story. The others throw it into the garbage bin and do something completely unrelated. In fact, Iris, the supposed "main heroine" of the game, doesn't even really appear outside of her route. 1 minute in Lucia's route. That's it. What the fuck?

-Iris: Her design is fucking awful. Her voice acting pretty awesome. The setup of her route lets her start with one hell of a negative impression. I still ended up liking this enough. Imagine if she'd been in her own game with an actual not horrible design...
-Lucia: Okay for the plot, too drawn out afterwards. Lucia isn't really able to carry slice of life and/or romance on her own. She was never that kind of character. And yet somehow she got by FAR the most of that, including ero.
-Eu: Incomplete. What Lucia had too much could've been used to complete this one instead. That said, the "story" was very much of the "fuck, I don't know what to write anymore!" tier, though ultimately irrelevant I guess.
-Nobuchina: As I feared. The author had no clue what made her likable. The route screws up almost everything. Even the ero. Congratz. Give the girl, who shines in absurd situations and comedy, the by far most serious route of them all.

This was definitely a mess in some ways, mostly Nobuchina's route though. Overall it's probably still on the same level as Noratoto 1.. with the kinds of routes THAT had, other than Pato's. Has a worse aftertaste for me though.

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