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I wonder if you could suffocate by being engulfed in them tho? Otherwise Ran would be the best choice.

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I wonder how warm her tails are.

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I would have to disagree and say that napping Ran is best.

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Please be quiet, she's sleeping.

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Hell, she's probably one of the best friends one could have in Gensokyo.

>captha Rusine agrees

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Mommy I have impure thoughts about you.

You can't go walking in to my room naked in the morning, playing with your tail and giving me cuddles. If people knew, they would laugh at me at school.

Ran would make such a nice waifu, except I'm not in to furries. Well, her tails would be really soft and nice to cuddle with but that's as furry as I go.

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My fetish is animal ears/tails.

Not hard at all.

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Ran would make a lovely wife.
Mostly because you could snuggle up in her tails every night.

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Loli Ran.

Chen not related.

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I prefer Ran over Chen.

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They smell like 100% pure love <3

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Ran is my dream girl.

The loving, motherly Ran is anyway...

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why does she only have two tails there? she supposed to have nine! if you wanted cute you shoulda posted something like this

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I forgot foxes.

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If wanting to cuddle with Ran's tails makes me furry then ship me my fursuit.

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I wish I had Ran as a friend. I'm not even looking for sex or anything. Just being able to talk with her and having her as a friend would be enough to make me completely happy. And as we watch the fireworks over Moriya Shrine, she would fall asleep on my lap, no doubt because of eating too much tofu during the festival, a warm smile running across her face. I could hear a boisterous laughter erupt from behind me. I turn my head, careful to not disturb Ran's sleep, and I'm greeted with Alice holding a puppet show for the kids in the village. Some of the children are on their knees now, pointing and laughing as the puppets danced across the stage. I could see Alice laughing over the backdrop of the stage. The smell of yakitori and eel swims through the gentle breeze wafting through the shrine. I didn't get to have any, unfortunately; I managed to sneak more than a few bites of Keine's cooking as we prepared the food for the festival. I begin to feel my eyes droop. The warmth of Ran and the warm, caressing night would be too much for me as well. I'd slowly lean over to my left, head eventually resting on Ran's tail's. And I'd shut my eyes, making a silent promise to Ran that I would wake up to a new tomorrow with her.

And then I wake up to see the white walls of my room, the scent of undone laundry seeping thorough every single fabric in the room. What am I going to do today? Is it absolutely nothing? Go back to a bad job? Go to college and deal with the mindless monotonous activities of everyday life?

A single tear rolled down my cheek.

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They look so cute while sleeping.

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A miserable little pile of foxtails.

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delicious ran with morning sickness and pregnancy cramps....

Would impregnate again and again...full force

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