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Played till the OP and I like this quite a bit less than Newrin.

Newrin had an absurd scenario that alone made you think it's just going to be dumb comedy stuff. But it made surprisingly quite a bit of sense and was quite genuine about its plot. Sure, it has some flaws, but the main story worked quite well. As well as time-travel involving stories can work, I suppose.

Mirai Radio on the other hand feels quite like the opposite of Newrin. This time it's not something completely absurd where you just think it's a comedy. Unfortunately however it also makes little sense. I absolutely can't believe a setting like this could exist. Not in the way shown. Not in the time-frame the game gives. It's nonsense, while it doesn't want to be nonsense.
Add to that a weaker cast, weaker voice-acting and so on, and the whole package just feels disappointing. I think there are interesting ideas around, but I feel like the writer tackled a WAY too big field (communication, internet, signal transfer and in general also how this is all integrated in society, the market and so on) where he simply lacks the knowledge to execute everything well. Makes it very hard for me to enjoy this. I'll probably wait a month or so and read some reviews to see how the later parts are and decide if I will go back again. But I hope he takes something a little less big next time, where you can cover your lack of knowledge with research a bit better. Not like the scale of the story is so big, it'd need all of it either.

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