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The point doesn't stand, as now that I look at the source of your quotes, it doesn't actually provide any canon source for its statements. I'd be interested to see where it originally came from and how much of it is true.
And besides, I don't really see what use it would have to you in this argument if it turned out that Junko cheated at one aspect of spell card rules. The line of reasoning "Heca borrowed some power to Junko - Junko lost at Danmaku - Therefore Heca's power < Junko's opponent's power" is flawed at so many stages that finding proof that Junko cheated is nowhere near enough to disprove the fact that Heca is canonically the strongest of all the hus who were introduced before and in LoLK.

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I knew Alicefags were mentally ill, but I didn't think it was this bad.

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heppy new year

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Post more smug.

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There are many rumors about Lady Remilia.

However, i don't believe any of them to be true.

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