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Except the Watatsukis.

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I actually thought that Yorihime was okay. No, it's Torihime that I took a strong disliking to, given her speech on how easy it would be to level the entirety of Gensokyo for the sin of being mortal. Yorihime, by contrast, didn't do a whole lot to arouse any ire whatsoever, given that she was defending her homeland and no-one except Remilia actually cared about beating her.

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Um... yeah, that. A lot of the so called "master races" thus far seem to have been prone to being somewhat sexually dysfunctional.

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The main difference is Touhou emphasizes Tsukiyomi's aspect as a sorcerer rather than as a god, leaving his relation to Amaterasu and Susanoo unexplored.
Come to think of it, not sure if it even says anywhere that he is a proper god.

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As a child, I remember reading a children's book where aliens appear before Ronald Reagan and do pretty much just that.

Since it's a children's book, Ronnie gets the point and gets Gorbachev on the hotline, explaining in a panicked state that aliens are coming "in a yellow elevator" to expel the earth into "a tuls that goes 'slurp'" (a black hole), unless they cut down on nuclear weapons.

I'd never imagine there was a way to work a SALT treaty into a children's book.

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No. Just no.

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November 13, 2009: NASA announces the discovery of water on the moon.
November 14, 2009: Tsukiyomi wakes to find the sauna destroyed by "scientific" missiles, isn't pleased and decides he's had it with them sons of bitches from the planet next door.
November 15, 2009: Lunar navy sets sail in the morning and faces off against the worlds combined nuclear arsenal plus Star Wars missile defense in the evening. Zero losses. Lunar navy rains death on the Northern hemisphere. 90% of the worlds industrial countries obliterated.
November 16, 2009: Lunar royal marines led by Yorihime make landfall, perform political decapitation. Worldwide breakdown of command structure ensues.
November 17, 2009: Moon rabbit legions make landfall and go about slaughtering, raping and torturing indiscriminately. Less than 500 million humans remaining alive in isolated regions by midnight.
November 18, 2009: Keine makes none of it ever have happened.

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War crimes and desertion.

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"What is this? Invaders, on holy lunar soil? Pathetic.
Go forth, children of the moon! Grant no quarter! Be carnivores, the beasts of the cold airless dark! Consume their flesh! Taste their blood! Great father Tsukiyomi wills it!"

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I kinda like Yorihime.

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