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Yukari~n is not a slut. She is a 17 year old pure girl

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You know, I don't see how Yorihime is so unbeatable and ultimate. She didn't actually shoot any bullets, she just used her flashy powers to deflect the girls' patterns back to them. Is that supposed to be sticking to the rules of a duel? Plus, the girls themselves didn't seem to put any effort in winning whatsoever. It's like they didn't want to hurt Yorihime, they just wanted to show off. Take Sakuya for example. Compare her performance to EoSD, where she fought to protect the mansion. Hell, she even came back, beaten and exhausted, with a spellcard called "Eternal Meek" in a desperate attempt to kick your ass. Here, she does nothing and even casually smiles after losing. The difference is huge. She has no reason to try, after all.

That whole battle in the last three chapters of SSiB looks like a friggin tea party. No blood boiling, no intensity, no danger, no suspense at all. Just "hahaha let's have a fight, hahaha I lost, let's have a cup of tea now"

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who dares steal my image and spoiler text post and post it under anonymous

this is an EYEBROWS

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<That's it for today/night(depending where you live).

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I personally prefer eyebrows.

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I was dreaming... Perhaps it may have been but a long forgotten memory...
A dream... A memory...
Things remembered when one is asleep... Things forgotten when one is awake...
Where the deepest layers of memories become the outmost layers of one's dreams...
Which are reality? Which are illusions? One cannot tell until one awakes...
Or perhaps they are, at the same time, both truth and fiction...
A vast nebulous... With no boundaries...
An emptiness equivalent to my own existence...
I dreamt such a dream...
A long... Never-ending, dream...

Voice: "..ka..rin.."

Voice: "Yukarin, what is wrong?"

Voice: "Yukarin?"

In that dream, I was called 'Yukarin'...
I was an artist...
I had become recognized as a talented artist and now was painting the portrait of the princess, 'Saigyouji'...

Yukarin:" "Huh... no, it is nothing."

Yuyuko: "... Let us finish for today. You look rather tired. ... Are you alright?"

Yukarin: "I am fine, thank you... But, now that you mention it..."

Yukarin: "Shall we stop for the day? You must be the one who is tired, 'Lady Saigyouji'?"

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Oh, my.

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I wish to cum on them

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also, <

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I would become a slave just to be able to see those eyebrows every day.

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Is that Yukari's dog?

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lol no.

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I'm not into Eyebrow Yukari, but here she is anyway.

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