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It is.

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I disagree. Not that Ex-Keine is bad or anything.

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I like humans. I like to help them, to protect them, to teach them. But there are limits to this. If I could either watch a village of humans burn or have sex with some vicious youkai, I would chose the later in a heartbeat. But here, you ask me to sacrifice my dignity and let you cum on my chest for nothing but your own entertainment. I would sacrifice my modesty for the lives of a group of humans, but for one persons evening entertainment? Hell, for any number of peoples evening entertainment? No. That's not going to happen. That goes beyond the limits of what I am willing to do for humans. If you thought otherwise, I am sorry, but this is not going to change.

I cannot make it clearer than this.

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The use of metals in this rude state was attended with two
very considerable inconveniencies; first, with the trouble of
weighing; and, secondly, with that of assaying them. In the
precious metals, where a small difference in the quantity makes a
great difference in the value, even the business of weighing,
with proper exactness, requires at least very accurate weights
and scales. The weighing of gold in particular is an operation of
some nicety. In the coarser metals, indeed, where a small error
would be of little consequence, less accuracy would, no doubt, be
necessary. Yet we should find it excessively troublesome, if
every time a poor man had occasion either to buy or sell a
farthing's worth of goods, he was obliged to weigh the farthing.
The operation of assaying is still more difficult, still more
tedious, and, unless a part of the metal is fairly melted in the
crucible, with proper dissolvents, any conclusion that can be
drawn from it, is extremely uncertain. Before the institution of
coined money, however, unless they went through this tedious and
difficult operation, people must always have been liable to the
grossest frauds and impositions, and instead of a pound weight of
pure silver, or pure copper, might receive in exchange for their
goods an adulterated composition of the coarsest and cheapest
materials, which had, however, in their outward appearance, been
made to resemble those metals.

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