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I played on Origins for a week. (See: >>12055546) Seeing this, I feel just terrible.

I'm sorry! I'M SORRY JAYPEE.

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Oh shit, you made me remember a time long gone by.

When /tg/ would spend time talking about life as little girls, Maid RPG, and adapting Touhou, TYPE-MOON, and VNs I can't recall into PNP RPGs/campaigns.

And then there was Touhoufag and his/her/its photographic memory of DND supplementary materials.


Pretty sure there is. You just got to find the right threads.

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This is the first translated VN I have played, actually.
Sorry, that screenshot probably wasn't a good thing to post in this thread. I was just answering the question.

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moot, it's killing me, and you have to tell us sometime, how 2hu r u?
Do you have a favorite 2hu? Maybe you've tried EoSD on Easy? Have you passed Orin on Normal, maybe even faced an Extra boss?
Hell, I don't even mind if your only exposure is McRoll and IOSYS flash vids. We've all been there. I just want to know moot.

...also, I'm curious as to how many times the janitor has tried to b& a shitpost on /jp/ but it doesn't let them because it's just you posting anonymously.

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I haven't played any shmups for over a year and still 1CC'd hard, blind and on my first attempt. It was the same shit with TD too.

The past two games have been rather boring and the music was especially unmemorable this time around. ZUN's lost his edge, or this new direction just isn't working for the games. I don't see how Lunatic is going to alleviate how droll things feel besides giving me more bullets to wade through, and to be honest I don't think I can be bothered either; I'd rather play one of the other games.

Just because something can be trivialised doesn't stop it from being bad.

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Too many. I'd be an awesome mod.

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As a waifu is nothing more than the personification of your ideals, if you were to find and daresay, marry a woman who had these ideals...

I would say nothing changed, you ARE with your waifu, just in a different plane, right?


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>You will never eat the delicious homemade food made by Sakuya.

>You will never have tea with Patchy in the library, while looking by the window to see Cirno and Flandre playing.

>You will never receive the Hakurei Special Service Package.

>You will never hear Mareesa say "da ze", or be master spark'd by her.

>You will never caress Tewi's bunny ears.

>You will never be teased by Yukari~n.

>You will never hear Mistya's beautiful voice.

>You will never make fun of the baka rangers and the mischievous faeries team.

>You will never be threatened with a knife by Parsee.

>You will never have a drinking competition with Suika.

>You will never be greeted by Meiling when you pass outside of the SDM.

>You will never have a danmaku battle in Gensokyo.

>You will never be Erin's guinea pig.

>You will never make Satori blush using only your thoughts.

>You will never fly through the sky with Aya.

>You will never be scolded by Shiki.

>You will never worship Hagako at her Shrine.

>You will never be able to feign being surprised by Kogasa.

>You will never be ass-anchored by Murasa.

>You will never be converted to another religion by Byakuren.

>You will never practice Myondage.

>You will never fulfill Tenshi's masochistic desires.

>You will never cheer up Alice with your sweet words.

>You will never be afraid for your life when you meet Yuka.

>You will never have Remilia straddle your lap while slowly draining your veins completely dry of blood causing you to slip out of consciousness and forever into the void.

>you will never defeat fandom.

inb4 angry dood complaining about my abuse of greentext and misuse of spoilers

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OP here, I'd much rather have fanon dreams where a girl actually loves me.

Even if it is just a dream.

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I'd be your friend OP.

I know what it feels like to be lonely ;_;

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You would think that someone with such charisma would always have company.

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Her job:
charismatic leader;
teasing Sakuya;
slapping China;
degustation tea;

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>Remember when /jp/ didn't link to youtube because we weren't a bunch of faggots?

Another retard, or maybe its the same person - >>4494511

Nobody gives a fuck where did you get a clip, stupid wanna-be-weeaboo.

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>/jp/ - Otaku Culture

This is the end.
We aren't Japan-related anymore, shitloads of westerfags incoming.

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Play SWR sometime you fools

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Not quite cowering, but hey.

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>banning parts of the game

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>Hisouten Netplay

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Oh my fucking lord, so there's actually more than one person participating in this.

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sweet mother of god that was terrible

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